Maintain a Pleasant Interior with Quality Ventilation

Enhance your home's ventilation with a top-tier ventilator from Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning. A Carrier Heat Recovery Ventilator allows you to enjoy crisp, fresh outdoor air inside your home! Heat Recovery Ventilators or HRVs operate with preconditioning air entering your home using the warmed air that's leaving your home to keep your heating system working efficiently.

Ventilator systems work best in climates with cold winters and less-humid summers.

Standard Features of a Carrier HRV

  • High-efficiency, heat energy recovery
  • Pre-filters air for reduced pollutants 
  • Crossflow configurations prevent air mixing 
  • Crossflow, polypropylene core 
  • Intermittent and continuous mode options
  • Automatic defrost cycles
  • Easy, "no tools" maintenance
  • Acoustically engineered for quiet operation 
  • 10-year limited WARRANTY on parts
  • 5-year labor WARRANTY on Carrier systems

Add Fresh Air to Your Home 

Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning also offers the Skuttle Model 216 Self-Adjusting Make-Up Air Control to help you get fresh air directly into your heating or cooling system using a simple screened vent and a flexible duct.

The Make-Up Air Control works by drawing outdoor air into your furnace or AC system whenever the blower goes into operation. When the blower kicks on, exterior air is automatically pulled into the furnace, where it's heated or cooled and circulated through your home's ducts. A slight interior pressure builds up in your home, preventing air leakage around key points like doors and windows, saving you money and energy and improving interior air quality! 

Enjoy a Fresh and Clean-Smelling Attic 

Efficient, effective attic ventilation solutions are available from Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning. Good attic ventilation includes a series of intake and exhaust vents located in the upper and lower attic areas.

A well-ventilated attic will feature a constant upward draft, which will help equalize the pressure in your attic, making it easier to match the attic's temperature to the rest of your home's interior without putting undue strain on heating or cooling systems. You'll also see improved efficiency from attic insulation, which won't have the same burden placed on it, thanks to the equalized pressure in your attic.

HRVXXLHB1150 Performance™ Heat Recovery Ventilator

Carrier® Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) let you enjoy the fresh outdoor air in your home and expel stale, sometimes unhealthy air all while minimizing heating energy loss. They use the outgoing air's heat energy to precondition air coming in to keep your heating system working efficiently. Heat recovery ventilators are best used in climates where the winter is cold with less humid summers.

Standard features:
  • High-efficiency heating-energy recovery
  • Prefilters air for reduced indoor air pollutants 
  • Crossflow configuration ensures there is no mixing of stale, outgoing and fresh, incoming air 
  • Crossflow, polypropylene core 
  • Capable of intermittent or continuous-mode operation 
  • Automatic defrost cycles for operation below 23°F 
  • Easy "no tools" maintenance 
  • Acoustically engineered for quiet operation 
  • 10-year parts limited WARRANTY 
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