Duct Cleaning

Purify Your Air with High-Quality Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air duct cleaning, abbreviated A.D.C., is the mitigation of airborne dust, debris, mold, pathogens, mildew, and contaminants through source removal methods. Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning's NADCA-trained technicians clean all the areas of your ductwork from top to bottom.

Video monitoring is used to ensure a thorough cleaning and a video of your duct cleaning service is left for your perusal. You'll get superb results and visibly clean vents!

Full-Service Duct and Vent Cleaning

  • Air ducts cleaned
  • Registers and grills cleaned
  • Trunk lines cleaned
  • Furnace plenums cleaned
  • Furnace cabinets cleaned
  • Wet wash or air wash cleanings
  • Air conditioner coil and blower cleaning
  • Video record of the duct cleaning process
  • HEPA negative air filtration used
  • Heat exchangers cleaned
duct and vent clean

Don't Suffer Due to Poor Indoor Air

If you're dealing with allergies at home, duct cleaning from Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning might be your best option to get cleaner indoor air. Contact Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your duct cleaning services.
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Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning can also clean out your dryer vent, improve dry times, and prevent hazardous accidental fires!
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